How amazing are cupcakes? We have a huge range of everything you need.

We stock a large range of patty pans in different colours & sizes, as well as printed designs eg. Dora, Thomas, Spiderman just to name a few and a range of metallic colours from rose gold to navy blue!

Our cake mixes will make you non fail cup cakes, our icing will give you a swirl of delicious buttercream or a smooth finish, depending on your decoration.

An extensive range of Icing flowers, sprinkles, cachous, small figurines, rice paper images, and to top them all off Edible Glitter.

We also hold a large selection of stands to hire.
Weekend hire is $35.

We also print edible images, any shape, design or image – Speak to us about customizing your edible image for your next function.
Prices are $25 for an A4 sheet, which can fit as much as 40 mini cupcake toppers, or 24 standard cupcake toppers.