Traditionally buttercream has been too sweet, cream in color, needs to be refrigerated.
Not with our buttercream – We sell a product called Rich N Smooth- it is vanilla flavoured or chocolate flavoured, pure white and does not have to go in the fridge after whipping.

We also keep 500g & 1kg Vizyon ready to roll out icing in White, Black, Red, Pink, Sky Blue, Purple, Leaf green, Yellow, Orange & Brown.

‘Chocolate Ganache’ is another delicious icing for your cake, sets firm, and is perfect for your next drip cake.

We now stock all Rolkem powder dusts to help great you next custom drip cake in a beautiful pastel or bright colour. These powders can also be added with clear alcohol or lemon juice to produce a beautiful paint.

Rich & Smooth Vanilla Icing

Chocolate Ganache

Vizyon Icing

Royal Icing