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Cake Mix 1kg - Gluten Free Butter Cake

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Cake Mix 1kg - Gluten Free Butter Cake / Utility Cake Mix

One cake mix, many gluten-free variations. We provide you with a basic mix, you add your additional ingredients to create your gluten-free masterpiece! Some ideas include gluten and dairy free carrot cake, banana cake, apple cake, and zucchini cake. The possibilities are endless and the recipes are easy – simply toss in the mix and add your extras.

A gluten-free all-purpose cake mix that’s allergen-friendly

Our gluten free all purpose cake mix is free from gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Better still, the entire factory is purpose-built to manufacture these allergy free products so you don’t have to worry about traces of them in your food.

Find printable Cake Mix Instructions in the menu under Resources 

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