Cake Mix 500g - Gluten Free White Mud Edibles Well & Good

Cake Mix 500g - Gluten Free White Mud

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Cake Mix 500g - Gluten Free White Mud

Our gluten free White Mud cake mix is so easy to make and you can be guaranteed there won’t be any left over! This is truly the white chocolate lover’s indulgence, and it’s best served topped with a luxurious white or caramel ganache icing and a big dollop of cream. This makes a great birthday cake for young and old!

A gluten-free cake mix that’s allergen-friendly

Our gluten free all purpose cake mix is free from gluten, wheat, soy, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Better still, the entire factory is purpose-built to manufacture these allergy free products so you don’t have to worry about traces of them in your food.

Find printable Cake Mix Instructions in the menu under Resources

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