Rich'n Smooth


A long time favourite for so many reasons, RICH’S Rich’n Smooth is a staple item for many cake decorators and novice bakers due to its ease of use, consistent results, robust consistency, and delicious flavour.

This light, soft and creamy icing can be used in place of buttercream for piping, layering, iced cakes, naked cakes and more. Choose from two flavours including chocolate (pictured below) with a chocolate mousse-like flavour or popular Vanilla (pictured above), which is white (no yellow tone!) and can be coloured using gel food colours with ease. Essences or flavours maybe also added to create different flavoured icings.

Directions and Tips:

Store your carton of Rich’n Smooth in the fridge or freezer. Put carton in the fridge 48hrs before use.

Shake carton well before opening. Whip on medium-high speed for 3-10+ minutes. Mixing times vary greatly between mixers and attachments. (We like the whisk, however a thin K paddle can also to the job) Find what works for you. First-timers: Keep an eye on your mixer, when your icing starts to thicken up it is okay to stop and test with a spoon. Soft peaks are the aim. If you start to notice tiny air bubbles forming, stop mixer immediately and check again. Any over-whipping can be reversed within reason by slowly mixing a little Rich’n Smooth straight from the carton, or water/milk, with a spoon. We recommend a softer consistency for piping and a slightly thicker consistency for filling and icing cakes.

Colours and flavours may be added while mixing, however, for deeper colors (such as red, black, or royal blue) you may want to slowly mix in by hand after whipping. Slightly under whipping can be a good idea if you have a lot of colour to mix in. Coloured icing can be covered and left to develop in the fridge 1hr-overnight before going back to add more if desired.

Any opened, un-whipped icing may be kept in the fridge for up to 7 days (do no refreeze). Once the icing has been whipped it is safe to consume within 10 days if refrigerated, or 5 days at room temperature. It is a dependable icing especially in the warmer months when there can be fear of icing melting in the heat.

If you would like more information about icing please contact us or visit us in store.