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CMC Powder/Tylose 50g

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CMC Powder/Tylose 50g

Roberts Confectionery CMC Powder  (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose) is the chemical version of the naturally found Gum Tragacanth. CMC sets a little quicker than Gum Tragacanth. CMC is also commonly known by a brand name of CMC, being Tylose Powder.

Suitable for adding to fondant as a hardening agent & favoured by professionals for flower and modelling work.

It is used to give rolled fondant gum paste like qualities to be made into bows, flowers, figurines, or decorative accents so that the fondant will dry and set as the intended shapes.

As a basic rule, make it up as you need it. Follow 1-2 teaspoons per 500g Rolled Fondant. Fondant containing CMC must be used immediately as it will set.

You can adjust depending on humid or dry conditions and the drying time you need.